Why inspect a septic system?

 When a residence or other property contains a septic system it is important the system be inspected and tested by a qualified inspector prior to sale. Many national lending institutions (Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, VA, etc) as well as most large mortgage companies require a septic inspection prior to funding. Although no standards exist in Pennsylvania for conducting a septic inspection, a PSMA (Pennsylvania Septage Management Association) inspection is the inspection of choice for real estate transactions.

Buyer: A buyer benefits from the inspection procedure by having all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about what will likely be the largest purchase he or she will make.

Seller: Pennsylvania law requires property sellers to disclose all known defects relating to their property. A septic system inspection meets this disclosure duty, and prevents your buyer from claiming that they were not informed about the septic system’s "true" condition. This can prevent costly lawsuits.

Real estate agents: Although disclosure laws don’t directly apply to real estate agents, they often get dragged into legal disputes because their errors and omissions insurance represents a "pot of gold" to a greedy attorney. Again, a septic system inspection can prevent costly litigation before it starts! As a real estate professional, you also know that a smooth transaction enhances your reputation.

A septic inspection offers protection for everyone involved in a real estate transaction at a relatively low price.


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